Breathe new life into your garage and make it a beautiful functional space that everyone will enjoy.


Breathe new life into your garage and make it a beautiful functional space for everyone to enjoy

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Turning your garage into a stunning showroom is just the start of the benefits you'll gain from a professionally installed floor coating.

Not only extremely tough to scratch or damage but very easy to clean with a high gloss finish. When prepared properly your floor will be totally waterproofed, no moisture will pass into your walls or below into your concrete which means your concrete will not be damaged by salt, water and other contaminants and will remain in great condition for years to come.

We are dedicated to using the highest performing materials and we prove it with our industry leading warranty.


Whether it's one wall or your entire garage our slat wall storage system can help you to declutter your floor and place everything in a way that's easy to find, use and then replace. Your items will now be at chest height making it safer and more convenient for everyone in the household.

The hooks and baskets are easy to rearrange by snapping them out, moving them and snapping them back in.

Each hook holds 75lbs per square foot so hanging heavier items like ladders, bikes, strollers or recycle bins are no problem.

Our slat wall comes in a variety of colours.


Items like Christmas decorations, summer outdoor cushions and spare tires are best stored up and out of the way for most of the year. We have a selection of ceiling storage and tire racks to keep these items and any other long term storage safely out of the way until you're ready to use them again.


While we specialize in residential garages there are many services we can offer to help transform your space.

Porches, exterior walkways and basements look beautiful with a high quality floor coating.

Baseboard Installation, concrete step replacement and painting will help to finish the look of your garage.


Devin Leeworthy

They did an amazing job coating my garage floor. I'm impressed with the quality of the work and the attention to detail. Highly recommended!

David Sharon McNeill

Paul was very professional, very pleased with the job well done.

When he said he'd be here he was here. He kept the job site clean. It is so easy to keep clean now, it looks awesome. I'm sure it will stand the test of time. So happy with the garage, only wish we had done the job sooner.

Annette Stephens

Amazing experience. I had no idea what to expect as I had never seen a floor done like this before. Professional. Informative. Helpful. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of Our Most Common Questions

How long does it take to install a polyaspartic floor coating?

Typically 1-3 Days depending on size and the condition of your concrete. You can walk on it after 24 hours and drive on it after 3 days.

High heat and high humidity will increase cure speed and low temperatures with low humidity will lower cure speed which is why many polyaspartic manufacturers have quick cure and slow cure versions. On a hot humid day your first coat can cure in 20 minutes so hiring a professional will help to avoid a disaster

Does the floor coating have a bad smell?

Propel Garages only uses Zero VOC Polyaspartics.

Similar to using a zero VOC paint, it puts off no harmful vapour but it may have a very faint smell. Once cured it will put off no smell at all.

What if my concrete is in rough shape?

We will do multiple skim coats with a very high quality quick drying mortar if necessary to get your floor back to smooth with no cracks or pits visible in the final result. Only in extremely rare cases is a floor not able to be properly repaired.

Do you use Epoxy?

Polyaspartic is superior to epoxy in almost every application. Over a very large area or in a commercial or industrial setting, epoxy can be more economical and due to its longer cure time it allows a large area to be coated more efficiently with less installers.

A metallic style floor is done with epoxy. As the epoxy cures slowly and levels out it brings the metallic flake into waves and ribbon patterns, however a final top coat of polyaspartic would be our recommendation.

When installing slatwall what about my light switches, garage door openers etc?

All light switches, outlets, faceplates and garage door openers are pulled through the slatwall and installed cleanly on top of the slatwall and in many cases the loose wires which tend to be in everyone's garages can be neatly hidden behind the slatwall.

Can you install slatwall or floor coating material on my concrete or cinderblock walls?


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